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Wondering what it takes to become a Reiki Master? There are generally three levels (sometimes four levels) to becoming a Reiki Master. Reiki Level 1 is a practitioner’s initiation into Reiki and is open to anyone. The main goal during this Level is to open the energy channels on a physical level, which will allow the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy. This life force energy flows form the cosmos through the crown of the head and down to the heart and hands.

Thinking about becoming a Reiki Master? Are you in the Los Angeles area? I highly recommend going to Reiki Energy Healing LA, which is a Reiki School in Los Angeles. The host of the workshop is Carlos Caridad, Reiki Master Practitioner, Teacher, Speaker, and Educator. He has a great background in Reiki and has been teaching and performing Reiki and energy healing techniques for over 25 years.

Reiki Level 2 focuses on practicing Reiki on others as well as continuing to expand the opening of energy channels. During this Level, students will receive the “Reiki symbols” which allow them to connect more deeply to the universal energy. A practitioner at this level will learn how to perform distant energy healing sessions. It usually takes about 21 days to three months to get from Level 1 to Level 2. You must pass Level 1 in order to get to Level 2.

Reiki Level 3 is normally the last destination in the Reiki Master process and commonly known as the Reiki Master Level. A Reiki practitioner who has received the energy and knowledge to attune a new Reiki practitioner is considered the teacher’s level. At this level many don’t feel comfortable quite yet to perform Reiki on other practitioners.

It’s important to keep in mind that becoming a Reiki Master takes time, dedication, and commitment. One person’s journey to becoming a Master may not be the same as someone else’s. You should focus on the path that feels right for you and spend time and consideration selecting the correct Master for yourself.

Once you become a Reiki Master, so many more doors of opportunity will open for you. You will feel energy that you’ve never felt before and you’ll also see life in a more positive and vibrant way. When you are able to heal others while healing yourself, it’s one of the best feelings one could experience.

Reiki Training Los Angeles

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